Shopping Centre App

A Retail App That Doesn’t Get In the Way

This is a concept mobile app, done as school assignment for a fashion shopping centre, that aims at simplicity, fluidity and unobtrusiveness, while providing a platform for both the customers and businesess involded to have a little fun together.


From a set of defined goals – both as part of the assignment and my own – I came up with what should the app do, how it should work efficiently and unobtrusively and how would it look and feel in a distinct, yet iOS-native, way.

The scope of work ranged from the "why" stage to "what" and "how", covering all aspects of product design why constantly iterating on every decision.

You can read a thorough case study I wrote by following the link below.

In a nutshell, the experience revolves around one primary and one secondary task: the most prominent use-case is locating the user on a floor plan of the shopping centre and allowing him to contact individual stores (the secondary use-case is hunting for sales and deals). Everything is optimized to allow the user to actually leave the app and go on with his real-life goals. This is accomplished by being as out-of-the-way and easy to use as possible.


One of my favourite parts of this project was playing with interaction animations in Framer.js. While the branding part of the design process was guided by a mix of corporate guidelines and iOS patterns, I felt like I needed to pronounce the "playfulness" – which is one of the essential concepts in the centre’s visual communication guidelines – even more.