Gymnázium Budějovická

Refreshing a high school’s internet home

I restructured and designed a new responsive website for a high school (Czech Republic’s largest), as well as cleaned up their logo and visual outputs.

I conceived the website and lead the project from start to finish – structure, visual design, project management. The main goal of the new website was to let the students themselves contribute content and that’s why the system includes a custom-designed CMS and administration concepts.

I learned how to bring an idea all the way to finished product; How to communicate with both the client and the website developer efficiently at all stages; How to dissect and analyze a complex structure and simplify it as much as possible; How to freshen up an identity that relies mostly on its logo.

Visit the website here.


I tweaked the logo to sport more modern, dynamic and elegant curves, with more recognizable shapes that don’t blend at small sizes – we even have a version of the logo for that use case (currently letters, school documents) which has the text to the right of the logo. New, friendlier colors (without scraping the recognizable orange/grey combination) make the logo feel more accessible and we use those colors in other materials as well.


The main purpose of the homepage (and the whole website) is simple: to get new students. That’s why there are links on the homepage to important articles on why to sign up your child for this high school. One of my goals was to have a dead-simple navigational structure, which in itself was probably the most important part of the project. Each of the five main sections has its own color tint as a nod to the website’s previous design.

Any student or teacher can create an account and contribute content (that select users must approve before publishing) – we built an administration system based around that, which also allows to restructure the homepage and add, remove and change its sections.