Coffee Cup Holder Concept

For when you want to not spill your coffee

You know those awful, recycled paper-mache coffee cup holders they give you in cafés when you want to carry more than one cup at once. You are sick of those. You want something more convenient. This is it.

This holder uses the cups themselves as a construction part — the shape of the cups and the drinks’ weight make the holder stronger. It is not dissimilar to straining beams in architecture. Thanks to this basic concept, the whole thing is sturdy yet light and uses very little cardboard and no glue. The holder can be assembled lightning-fast and thanks to it having both a handle and a floor plate, it can be carried around, put down and picked up with ease — and basically not much care, which is a thing you definitely can’t say about some of the modern holders that don’t sport a bottom and so make manipulation a constant act of balancing your hand.

An entry to Young Package 2014.